I've been there!

Back in 2009 I was struggling to find pretty earrings for my own sensitive ears, when I finally decided I would make my own. I found hypoallergenic materials and discovered I love working with my hands and that I have a secret rockhound inside of me that loves all things rocks and gemstones. I have a degree in engineering and I love the challenge of taking miscellaneous materials and creating cohesive, and sleek yet durable, designs that embody a wide variety of styles. I also have enjoyed the challenge of working with some of the unique jewelry metals and solving problems to create earrings that people with metal sensitivities can wear. I love learning and researching and hope that these interests can help out others as well.

I know there were many occasions where I just wanted to be able to wear pretty earrings without suffering through it (and days of adverse reactions afterwards too!). My goal is to help others like me. And to provide a wide variety of styles so anyone with sensitive ears can comfortably accent their look with stylish earrings!

We are based in Chandler, Arizona, USA.  You can contact us via email at prettysensitive@gmail.com or by filling out the Contact Form here on my site.

Thank you for your visit and for supporting our small business!  Cheers to comfortable accessories!

XOXO ~ Amanda Jensen