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A confined identity is a miserable way to exist. Quote by Jaeda Dewalt

 Own your sensitive skin.  Listen to your body.

Our identities are made over time.  When we begin to face difficulties with our skin it can chip away at the confidence we have in ourselves.  It can confine us and it is indeed a miserable way to live. 

Our skin is our outer most part of ourselves.  On display for the world.  Our bodies won't tolerate being forced to endure what is irritating them for long before bad reactions take a turn for the worse.  

Honor your body, listen to it.  Heal it.  Let it breathe.  Talk to your doctor or naturopath if you need some intervening help.  And then once you have reached a state of peace, educate yourself.  Talk to your doctor, allergist, dermatologist, or naturopath and figure out how to better care for your skin.  Figure out what has been causing your body to speak out so harshly.  It could be something that is contacting your skin, it could be something you are eating, it could be trauma you have faced in your past, it could be stress, it could be dry skin.  By working with your medical professional of choice, you can begin to untangle the complexities and uncover solutions.

Ignoring it and not living true to your body's needs can quickly spiral into a situation that is out of control and miserable and recurring.  And devastating.  And depressing.

Honor your body.  Honor yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Be you...sensitive skin and all.

Fortunately, there are people like us out there in the world working feverishly on solutions for those of us with allergies and sensitive skin. 


If you're facing a metal allergy:



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