Jewelry Care Convert - Why You Shouldn't Wear the Same Earrings 24 x 7

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I used to be an extremely low-maintenance sort of gal.  Wash and wear haircut, please.  Wrinkle free fabrics, please.  Earrings to go with everything I own that I can wear 24 x 7, please.



Slowly, I’ve been converting to care – really care – for myself and choose things I really like (because I am worth it!) and in turn really care for the things I really like.

I am worth it. I am worth self care and taking care of the things I really love.

As a maker of earrings now for 10 years, I have changed my stance of earring wear.  I no longer wear a pair non-stop.  I find this has several benefits. When I invest in nice shoes, a nice handbag, a nice haircut, nice clothes, I want to take care of the investment I have made.  My jewelry is no different. 






  1. My ear piercings are healthier getting a break and air between pairs. They are also not contorted by me sleeping on ear lobes with earrings in place.
  2. My earring choice specifically reflects the look I feel like wearing on a particular day. I feel more cohesively and refreshingly put together.
  3. My earrings last longer and look better. They are not subject to as many lotions, fragrances, and oils, if worn all day and overnight.  They are also not exposed to chemicals from swimming / hot tubs.  They are not deposited with minerals or soaps from showering with them in over and over.  They do not get caked with dead skin cells and sebum build-up.

The result is earrings that are cared for, beautiful, and last me longer.  It’s pacifying to know that I am caring for my beautiful gemstone handmade earrings that I have invested my hard earned money in.  These earrings themselves are a gesture of love and self-care to myself because they are gentle on my sensitive skin.  I can in turn care for them so they can serve me for a long time.

Each time I remove them I inspect them and clean them carefully to preserve their beauty. "Last on, first off" is a great rule of thumb to live by: put on your jewelry after you are all done getting ready and take it off when you get home before doing other things.

Well-cared-for earrings are earrings that help me shine and feel confident and radiant.  They’re the icing on the cake. 

Shop our catalog for a new pair of unique earrings that will state your style in new and refreshing ways while maintaining comfort for your sensitive skin.  Try a new color or a new exotic gemstone or go with a little more sparkle.  Feed your fancy with a little self-love and a lot of self-care.

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