Easing Your Earrings In Place


Easing Your Earrings in Place

Do your ear piercings ever feel irritated after putting on a new pair of earrings?  Maybe they get a little red and sting a bit?  This happens to me and I used to think immediately of allergy symptoms.  However, these symptoms tend to go away after a bit, and for me it is always in my left ear lobe (which was unfortunately pierced a bit askew).  After researching a bit, I discovered that what is happening is friction!

fric-tion (/ˈfrikSH(ə)n/) noun : the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.  "a lubrication system that reduces friction"

The dry metal earring post or hook pushing through the skin of my ear lobe piercing pulls the inner skin with it causing irritation and discomfort!

The solution is easy enough and is right there at your bathroom sink!  Liquid soap!

Just the tiniest dab of liquid soap on the post or hook allows the metal surface to slide through the piercing hole without pulling or dragging!  Just another small touch of loving self care.  (Please only do this on fully healed piercings.)

Enjoy your beautiful earrings and share a smile today!

~ Amanda

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