Worry-Free / Allergy-Free Gift Guide

allergies allergy gift guide gift gift guide

There are a lot of ways to give a thoughtful gift.  Giving something a person wouldn't typically buy for themselves - either because they didn't expect it to be something they'd like or because they just never treat themselves always gives me great satisfaction.  

In this day and age, as we learn more and more about our bodies and people seem to be on the hunt for what will make their bodies feel at their best, it can be tricky.  Does a person use fragrances?  Can they only wear organic cotton?  Do they have food allergies - like nuts, dairy, gluten, or other?  Do they avoid food dyes?  Do they have sensitive skin?  It can make giving a gift hard.  It can make the desire to treat another person to something spectacular and surprising feel impossible.  

This year my family has been invited to participate in three different gift exchanges through school groups and social groups, and this doesn't count the other types of giving we do this time of year.  We of course are thinking of delightful things to gift to our family members, our dear friends, our new neighbors, and new friendships ("be a friend to make a friend"), but we also want to honor those who are influential in our children's lives - teachers, day care workers, and coaches.  And we want to give back to our community and those in need.  Our family always finds at least one way to give to other children whose families are in need.  (This hits home for me - as I remember as a child being adopted by another family that provided gifts and all the trimmings for one particularly hard Christmas for my family.)

When we generously reach into our hearts with this desire to give out of love, we desire that the gifts we give are ones that will be cherished and appreciated and used!

So here, I am collecting a few ideas that can be tolerated and used by people with particular needs for their bodies.  Selecting a gift from this list may make our heart's desires of gifting a gift they can use and appreciate fully a reality.  You can use this list as a jumping off point for further searches too.

Worry Free Allergy Free Gift Guide

 Gifts for Worry-Free / Allergy-Free Giving:

Have a beautiful holiday season!


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