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freeing new branding new logo new look

I began Pretty Sensitive Ears back in 2009 and initially sold my earrings for sensitive ears at a small local craft fair. As I quickly turned to selling my hypoallergenic earrings designs online (on Etsy), I grabbed a free website and theme and rolled with it.  It was my old red and yellow look.  And we carried it on for 8 years.

As our business is growing (we launched our own online store last summer!), I wanted a new fresh look to go with it.  The red and yellow just didn't feel like the right fit.

It took a lot of work reflecting on me and my business and what I hope for my customers.  

Me ~ I grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  A place of respite and peace for me was the beach below our waterfront bluff house.  Evergreen trees of green needles and red bark; blue skies with fluffy clouds; pale blue snow speckled mountains; beach pebbles of greys and blues; jaspers of reds, yellows, and greens; sea glass of greens, mottled opaque whites, and browns; seaweeds of olivine greens; water of ever-changing colors highlighted by diamond sun sparkles.  This place of nature with so much to explore took over my senses every time.  My anxieties melted away and I found peace and freedom.  Put me on any beach to this day and it has the same effect on me.

My business ~ I make earrings with challenging metals that have hypoallergenic qualities so that people, like me, who suffer from metal allergies have options when it comes to choosing earrings that reflect their styles.  I want to help.  I am excited to solve problems and create a wide variety of styles. 

My hope for my customers ~ I want you to be able to express yourself without suffering for it.  I want you to be able to be comfortable while staying true to your expression of your style to the world around you.  In a sense I want you to feel free.  Free from suffering.  Free from compromising.

The theme here is "freeing."  I want Pretty Sensitive Ears to be freeing for you.

So although I am inspired by all. the. colors. (seriously!!!!) I downselected and downselected more.  Editing and simplifying.  I settled on the two blues in my new logo.  I'd love to know how it makes you feel when you look at it.  

Pretty Sensitive Ears new blue logo

It to me is the sky meeting the sea.  It means so much to me by way of peace and freedom.  And I think it is a perfect match up for Pretty Sensitive Ears.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading ~ Amanda

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