Personalized Metal Stamped Earrings

custom hand stamped inspirational personalized stamped vulnerability word of the year

Personalization is so special.  Take a beautiful thing and add significant letters or words to it and you instantly make it one of a kind and invaluable. 

I went through a program for habit change a couple of years ago by which I lost a significant amount of weight.  At one point in the program I was asked to think about triggers for positive actions.  Whether it is a bracelet, a favorite water bottle, a key chain, or piece of art on your wall, objects can become helpful triggers for our positive actions.  We can assign value to certain meaningful objects.  And this is where I think inspirational jewelry is such an awesome thing.  We see our jewelry in our reflection in the mirror.  We touch our jewelry when we put it on in the morning and take it off in the evening.  Each time we see it or put our hands on it is an opportunity to remind ourselves of that positive trait we are working towards or that inspirational word that keeps our mindset right. 

We can also carry around reminders of our loved ones, or cherished lyrics or poetry, or pieces of our identities that we proudly display to one and all.

These reminders touch our hearts and our moods and our identities in a profoundly personal way.  And as I say that I am reminded of Brene Brown's TED Talk on vulnerability.  The letters and words on these silver plated metal discs are small and they are stamped upon a highly reflective moving surface.  For someone looking at you, it may be hard for them to identify that there are words or letters on your earrings.  But if someone were to ask about your personalization, it is an opportunity to share some vulnerability.  It is an opportunity to wear your heart and your identity with pride.  An opportunity to share with another human being your needs, desires, loves, and a connection.

These personalized earrings are a meaningful item to treasure for yourself.  They are also incredibly special to gift.  As a special gift to a mom-to-be, a graduate, a bride-to-be, your bridesmaids, your mother or grandmother.  In each situation, I can just see it...the recipient opening the tiny golden box to find a set of shiny silver earrings hand stamped with her babies initials, her alma maters initials, Mrs., their monograms, and their children or grandchildren's initials.  I know I'd probably be holding back tears in those situations.

I decided to create these personalized hand stamped earrings because I think personalization is so special.  I have several designs created that can feature your initials; your and your partner's initials; your children or grandchildren's initials; your state of origin and current state; song lyrics or poem stanzas; your Word of the Year; a word of inspiration; etc...  If you have something else in mind, contact me to work on creating your special design.

These are available on Niobium ear wires, Titanium ear wires, or Surgical Steel ear wires.  And if you are gifting them, Niobium ear wires would be a safe way to go.  Visit our collection to shop these personalized stamped designs now.  

These are also available in our Etsy shop.


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